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When we use the regular over- the- counter beauty products for our skin in the hope of becoming 'that girl' in the advertisement, we do a lot harm than good to ourselves. We, are a part of nature then why should our beauty products be full of chemicals?

We at AVISHI HERBALS unveil our choicest 100% organic and chemical free beauty products straight from the lap of nature. These products are made by techniques suggested in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

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Why Choose Us

Natural and chemical free to ensure that your beauty is enhanced

100% herbal to ensure no damage to your skin and hair

Made by ancient methods to ensure complete efficacy of ingredients

Avishi Herbal
Avishi Herbal

Your Questions?

A-Yes, We ensure that our products are 100 % natural and made by age-old techniques which preserve all active ingredients. All the beauty and body care products we offer are totally free from Silicones, Mineral Oil, Artificial Colours and Synthetic Fragrances.
A- It is very easy, a) via whatsapp
b) by filling up a form given in our website
c) contact us on number given on website
We shall dispatch products as soon as we receive payment for the same.
All ingredients used are displayed on the pack
Yes, since our products are natural you can use them safely for any skin or hair type

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